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Tips for Taking Stock Photos of CBD and Marijuana

CBD, cannabis, budpop delta 8, and related terms continue to rise in the trends of the most searched-for images and stock photos online. Experts believe that the trend will continue growing as the cannabis industry evolves.

This resulted in photographers and sites posting more high-quality images of marijuana and CBD. More brands, media outlets, and publications emerged as the years passed, searching for good and genuine photos.

Level up your photography skills

If you are a photography enthusiast and want to take pictures that sell, this is a good market to tap. Here are some vital tips on how to take stock photos of CBD and marijuana:

Learn about the culture

You will likely fall for the stereotypes if you don’t have a first-hand account of what’s going on inside the industry. You have to get into a community of people who are passionate about the subject. Make friends with other enthusiasts, budtenders, or farmers who can help you decide on marketable and authentic cannabis photos.

It’s not just about taking whatever photos you can take. Each picture must express your love for the plant. To do this, you have to find the right subject that will reflect such passion. You can take inspiration from other industries, such as interior design, fashion, or beauty, and add your personal touch by adapting the ideas in your cannabis photos.

Focus on a niche

It’s a broad subject, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what photos to take. First, you have to choose a sector before you can research the trends in that sector and the industry as a whole. This way, you can first practice on a particular subject while thinking about the potential buyers of your photos. Choose what would be the marketable photos for these buyers based on the trends in the sector you’ve chosen to focus on.

For example, the pharmaceutical industry leans more on photos that showcase the hemp fields, fieldworkers at work, and CBD oils. For big corporations that require pictures of medical cannabis, you have to provide sterile, clean, and aesthetic images.

Spend time on research

Once you have chosen a niche, research what other enthusiasts post about the subjects included. Read publications and blogs, find out what images manufacturers use, and go over related websites. You have to understand everything about cannabis, from its properties, packaging, applications, and forms.

Be unique

While it’s okay to get inspiration from other people’s work, your goal is to set your photos apart. You have to capture a common subject from a different angle or stage, something that will make your subject pop out, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Photography has rules that you are allowed to break, especially when it can help make your photos look different. You have to find ways to photograph a leaf, for example, in a way that it will look extraordinary. This can be done by using props and a play of asymmetry, shadow, and light. You are free to be creative as long as your output will still come out as authentic.

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