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#BABAK #PhotoBABAk #NAHAwards #hair #HAirColor #hairdresser #FashionPhotographer – Babak http://www.babak.ca Hair Fashion Portrait Photography - NYC - Toronto Tue, 24 Oct 2017 05:01:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.5 http://www.babak.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cropped-BABAK_Bio_Shot_Hair_Fashion_Photographer_NYC_EastVillage-1-32x32.jpg #BABAK #PhotoBABAk #NAHAwards #hair #HAirColor #hairdresser #FashionPhotographer – Babak http://www.babak.ca 32 32 63686508 Hair Art http://www.babak.ca/gallery/hair-art Sun, 02 Feb 2014 03:01:35 +0000 http://www.babak.ca/?post_type=galleries&p=51 Hair Photograph from ABS Chicago Hair Show made in to Hair Art bu NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAk Asian Girl Wearing packing paper as out fit for a hair shoot for NAHA and contessa Awards by Photographer BABAk In Toronto Model with Texture Hair done in Art Form for Hair Company Poster by Photographer BABAk In East Village Short Haired model with blond hair looking away wearing just Neckless Photographed Ny BABAk In Toronto Tall Model In Leather outfit with textured hair shot for NAHA Awars By NYC Photographer BABAk Model wearing a MAGA Dress with short hair Photographed by BABAK In East Village Model against white wall with a plane and empire state building photoshopped into her body Photographed by BABAK In East Village Man with women hair cut in white shirt- Shot for NAHA Awards by Photographer BABAk in NYC Model with red Avant Garde hair Fashion Photographed by BABAk In NYC for NAHA Awards Model with Blue Hair Wearing a Plastic dress Photographed bu NYC hair Photographer BABAk For NAHA Awards IBS_nyc model on stage - Hair Done by Lisa Yamasaki Photographed byNYC Fashion Photographer BABAK Winning Image for Golwell Hair color TrendZoom competition BABAK Winner Model With Big Textured hair against Blue Back ground Photographed by NYC Photographer BABAK Model With Short Hair Done By Hairdresser daniel holzberger And Photographed by NYC Hair Fashion photographer BABAk for NAHA Awards Model with short orange hair and matching back ground Asian model with short hair and in fencing out fit shot for NAHA and contessa Awards by Hair Photographer BABAk Model wearing Medieval out fit with tall avant grade textured hair looking down - Hair Done by shirley gordon and Photographed by Hair Fashion Photographer BABAK A model wearing a Ikea Lamp shade as a top with Blue Back ground I re did the make up on computer - Photographed by BABAk for NAHA Awards in NFLD Model with Blue Make up and texture hair in an avant Garde hair Shoot by Photographer BABAK In NYC for NAHA Awards Model with long hair looking away shot on 45 mm tilt & shift Lens and made in to Art Photo by NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAK Model wearing Fake Fur looking away with short colored hair shot for NAHA Awards Bu BABAk NYC Hair Fashion Photographer Model with orange and blue hair for a NAHA Hair color Photo Shoot for Goodwill Photographed by BABAK Toronto Photographer Head shot of a model with short hair looking away photographed by BABAk For NAHA Awards Model with Green Blue hair photoshopped in to art work Photographed by NYC Fashion Photographer BABAK Model with Big Afro Hair standing on set hanging with ropes photographed by BABAK NYC hair Photographer for NAHA Awards Model with Short Avant GArde hair with artistic Back ground Photographed By nyc Hair Photographer for NAHA Awards Hair Shot for Contessa NAHA Awards from 1990s Photo Shoot Photography BABAk Model wearing black stockings and afro hair sitting on a couch shot for NAHA Awards bu NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAK Model with Texture hair photoshopped on Back ground for Farouk Posters Photographed by BABAK NYC Hair Photographer Model with yellow and Purple hair For NAHA Awards By NYC Photographer BABAk Black Model with red hair and classic out fit shot for NAHA Awards Bu NYC Photographer BABAK Short Haired Model wearing bike inner tubes as clothing Shot By NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAk for NAHA Awards Model with Avant GArde Yekkow Hair shot for Gold well And NAHA Awards bu NYC Hair Photographer BABAk Short Hair Model with Light Blue & orange hair Shot for Wella Hair Color by NYC Hair Photographer BABAk Model with long Texture Hair with Blue and white hair done by aveda fredric institute and photographed by NYC Hair Fashion Photographer for NAHA Awards Short Haired model with painted on Eye brows shot for a Goodwill Work Shop in NYC By Fashion Photographer BABAK Long Hair Asian Model with her hair blown with wind Photographed By Fashion Photographer BABAK Avant Garde Model with Cotton ball hair in white and orange shot for NAHA Awards By Fashion Hair Photographer BABAk Shot of a model with her clothes being held by industrial clams at different angles Photographed By Hair Photographer BABAK Girl Wearing army clothing for a fashion photo shoot for MAHA Awards Photographed By Nyc Fashion Photographer BABAk Black and white Photo of model in east Village NYC with short hair By NYC photographer BABAk NAHA Awards Collection Photo Shoot with long hair model against Blue Back ground photo graphed by BABAk Model with 120 Boeing 767 planes in her hair - Hair Art by NCY Hair Art Photographer BABAK Nodel On Stage at NAHA Awards by NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAk Model with short hair wearing a western cowboy out fit with a gun - photographed by BABAK NYC Photographer for NAHA Awards Photo of a Hair Model made to look like a painting for hanging on wall By Hair Art Photographer BABAK Painting like of a model with long hair-A photo made into Painting for salon walls Artistic - Art made with hair and a runway model - Photo made by BABAk NYC Hair Art Photographer Artistic Photo of a Model with blue hair made into art work Painting art made with a Hair GFAshion Shoot Model wearing Van halan T shirt and screaming / shouting in a BABAK Street Photo in NYC Artistic Head Shot ao an asian Model In washington square park in nyc by New York Street Photographer BABAk Model with feathers in her hair making a avant grade hair photo for Naha awards Goodwill Awards Hair Color Photo shoot Model With Short Hair Shot for NAHA Awards Model with Blond pointy Hair Wearing a Chinese fan as dress Shot for NAHA Awards Model with short Bob looking away i Short Model with Silver Hair Color by Goodwill Products Shot By BABAK NYC photographer In east village topless shot of model with a red X across her body covering the breasts - she is wearing over sized pants Hair Color Model Photographed for Goodwiell & NAHA Awards _ model has Teel color Hair Winner of the NAHA Awards Hair color Awards Model Holding a oil lamp and a emergency lather on a pile of Used Car tires - Shot for NAHA Awards BABAK Fashion Hair Photo Shot with 4 mm Tilt & Shift Lens Model shot on Old Red London Bus for NAHA Awards Photo of a blond model with a Boeing 787 flying over her head in a Aviation Photo By NYC photographer BABAK Model With Orange Hair Color Asian Model with up do for sexy hair company Photographed bu Hair Fashion Photographer BABAK Avant Garde HAir Photo for NAHA Awards By Nyc Photographer BABAK ]]> 51