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Mockup Images For Blogging

Usage Of Mockup Images For Blogging

Blogging has many purposes today and one of them is advertising. Blogs of hoodies appear to be the digital version of magazine articles in which anyone from all over the world can access. The best part of which is you can adjust your budget in order to make your blog economical without sacrificing the promotional activities needed.

The Purpose of Mockups

For a business that specialized in custom t-shirts, there can be a lot of concerns when the traditional route is followed. You will be dealing with concepts, photoshoots, editing, and all the personnel needed for that job. Additionally, you will be factoring that on your product pricing and intended audience since you have invested that much.

Good thing is, with the use of modern technology, there are budget-friendly ways and one of them is the use of mockups. Mockup images are mere templates for you to integrate your design. It is just a mere editing method, without any issues on copyright, so that you can advertise your design. You can’t dictate the way the output is presented but certainly, you have many options to choose for the design.

The difference in Usage of Mockups from Stock Photos

The mockup images and stock photos are generally the same. The only difference is the site hosting or providing them, wherein those who focused on stock photos are less accommodating for editing while those focused on mockups are user-friendly. For a growing online business, mockup images are probably the most economical of advertising choices.


In order to create a great photo mockup, you can focus on the two approaches: either the product or the experience.

Approach about the Product

When you want to focus more on the product, you need to choose images that emphasize the surface you are editing. In terms of custom t-shirts, even a face and the lower body are not required. An image of the upper torso of a person dress in a plain-color shirt is already enough to be the canvass of your promotional t-shirt designs.

Approach about the Experience

When you are marketing your product using a certain scenario or situation that fits your designs, then the images you have to choose must be focused on providing an experience. This may take more decision-making but once the perfect photo is integrated with the appropriate design, the result can create an impact on the audience.


Upon using mockup images, you want them to make it more natural and at the same time promotional. Here are the things you have to focus on in order to optimize your advertised designs and the messages they pertained.


Certain images that surround with excluded items make it look more natural. They appear simple but the appeal to the audience is somehow less forced and therefore, customers can easily visualize.

Background field

In order to instill the idea that your product can be used on any occasion, open-field images are the best options. This gives an idea to the customers what they will look like when actually wearing your shirts.


Having people of a different culture, size, shape, color, and gender can easily make up an impact on the audience. This serves as a way to assure them that without fitting, your products are guaranteed suited to them.


You can use effects on your images and transform them into a more dynamic format. It may look gimmicky but if the message fits, then it might work well.


Without a doubt, you can save yourself from advertising costs with the use of mockup images. However, since they are not the actual product itself, caution must be exercised so that you won’t be deceiving your customers for the sake of marketing.

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