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Tips in Converting Images to Monochrome or Black and White Images

Hello, my fellow fashion photographers. Today, we will give you useful tips on how to convert images to black and white, the right way.

Make sure to take photos in the raw format and use the color mode instead of the black and white setting of your camera. That way, the photo’s information is kept intact, and it will be easier to edit it.

You should create your own preset that will work well with your shooting style. Don’t just use a third-party provided preset because it won’t be able to bring out the best of your photo.

Don’t use the black and white default settings of computer programs. Tones bring out more emotions to black and white photos. Learn to adjust the tones from scratch and work your way into it. You’ll see that the image you’re aiming for will come to life compared to when you’re using default settings.

Pay attention to the skin tone of your model in the image. Edit it to emphasize the model and set it apart from the background by adjusting the yellow and red tones.

These are simple tips, but once you try them, you will see improvement in the quality of your photos.

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